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with exclusive "Emotion SPA treatment couch"

On our exclusive Emotion SPA treatment couch, you can enjoy your own personal wellness experience and luxuriate in our unique treatments.

You can bask in the positive effects of the atmospheric ambiance, surrounded by therapeutic warmth, on an exclusive illuminated mattress with incorporated coloured lighting, and - depending on the treatment - you can enjoy a bath with micro-fine steam, or an innovative hot-and-cold Vichy shower experience with warm, gentle jets of water and infra-red support.

vitalSOLE treatments

Special treatment with algae and salt

To start off this purging and nourishing treatment, you will enjoy a soothing foot wash. Then a scrub experience, a mix of sea salt and a pure algae decoction, will remineralise and refresh you and give you a pleasant tingling sensation. You will relax in a natural algal poultice enriched with trace elements and vitamins, or in pure sea mud from the Dead Sea. As the perfect finale for this therapy you will receive a face massage and a moisturising full-body treatment.

80 min. euro 115

Fit and healthy with water, light and salt

The moist air of the steam bath and the inhalation of a nebulised brine solution will strengthen your immune system and relax and purify your stressed airways. After that, we will pamper your body with a Himalayan salt and grape seed scrub, which will stimulate your metabolism. Manual facial lymph drainage, combined with the power of infra-red light, will also strengthen your natural defences and help your body achieve optimal regeneration.

80 min. euro 115

Aqua Relax

In an atmospheric ambiance, surrounded by pleasant warmth in our exclusive salt water pool, you will literally be carried, moved and massaged. Your spine and joints will be mobilised in a way that is only possible in water. Gentle extensions, turns and stretches and targeted massage strokes will reduce tension, and the healing properties of warm water will loosen blockages in both body and soul. Rhythmically flowing movements, alternated with moments of silence, will open the way to deeper feelings. Both stress and anxiety can be reduced.

45 min. euro 90

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