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vitalSPA area

on three levels

vitalSPA - level 1

vitalSPA level 1 at the Burg Vital Resort

Swimming pool

Our indoor swimming pool has a pleasant water temperature of 28 °C all year round and gives you a breathtaking view of the peaks of the Arlberg region both in summer and in winter. As well as a counter-current machine, a waterfall and invigorating massage jets, there are also comfortable loungers where you can relax around the pool. In the summer, the gigantic picture windows open on to our sunbathing lawn, with a picturesque little pavilion right in front of the building.


With a pleasant temperature of 38 °C, the tepidarium is a gentler alternative to the sauna and steam bath. The therapeutic and curative warmth of the tepidarium was popular with the ancient Romans. The pleasant heat that emanates from the walls, seats and marble floor will warm your body, without also heating up the air that you breathe and impeding your circulation. And your immune system will be strengthened in a natural and gentle way.


You can get a suntan all year round! Even in winter, you can get a tan and enjoy a sense of spiritual and physical well-being with a brief "sun bath". You can obtain tokens for the sun bed at the vitalSPA reception, and a pair of protective glasses will be waiting for you in the solarium. It is illegal for under-18s to use the solarium!


Modern fitness centre with state-of-the-art exercise machines, individual supervision by qualified trainers and sports scientists, daily exercise and relaxation program, including back exercises, Nordic walking, legs, tums and bums, aqua gymnastics, and much more besides Indoor golf course.

Resting room

This is a place for relaxation: you can leave your everyday life behind and enjoy complete rest. By each lounger, there is a pair of headphones where you can listen to your own individual relaxation music. Just leave your cares behind and let yourself go!

vitalSPA - level 2

vitalSPA level 2 at the Burg Vital Resort


Here you can switch off and relax after a fulfilling day in the mountains or a good spa treatment. You can enjoy a sense of well-being in a calm ambiance under a giant glass dome. You haven‘t been so close to the heavens for a long time... And you have a range of healthy herbal teas and a selection of newspapers to choose from.

Finnish block sauna

The Finnish sauna is the classic sweat bath. Its temperature ranges from 85-95 °C, and its humidity is only 10-30 %. The dry heat cleanses and relaxes the body, detoxifies the skin and strengthens the body‘s natural defenses. The immune system is fortified through alternating periods of warmth, cold showering and rest. With its infusions of invigorating aromatic oils and herbal mixtures, the Finnish sauna bath is an unique experience.

Room sauna / herbal sauna

The room sauna is a gentler version of the Finnish sauna. It is a combination of a sauna and a steam bath, and it has a temperature of approx. 60 °C and humidity of approx. 50 %. The pleasant combination of mild heat and humid air will benefit both your wellbeing and your circulation.

Herbal steam bath

The herbal steam bath has a temperature ranging from 42-45 °C and is beneficial for both body and soul. It has positive effects on the circulation, blood flow and metabolism, and deep inhalation of the fine steam moisturises the airways. The steam also functions as an expectorant and helps with colds, coughs, hoarseness and much else besides. You will feel right in your skin.

Clay house - "room of silence"

Another resting room, with clay walls and low light, will give you deep relaxation and maximum comfort. Temperatures of 36-38 °C and a healthy, natural ambiance will have a positive effect on both body and mind. This rest area also has heated water beds for maximum relaxation.

Open-air room

In our open-air resting room with comfortable heated water beds and an open fire place, you can enjoy pleasant relaxation.

vitalSPA - level 3

vitalSPA level 3 at the Burg Vital Resort

Feature showers

Feature showers are a fine example of modern wellness culture and are a treat for both body and soul. These special showers have a variety of sprinkling features that massage the skin and offer a unique experience: a shower that promotes relaxation and recuperation with aromatic fragrances.

Sole flotation tank

Thanks to its high salt content, the sole will completely relax and relieve your muscles and effectively soothe your pain! Additional light and sound effects will also help you achieve deep physical and mental relaxation that will put your entire body and mind into a kind of "pause mode".

Himalayan soft sauna with graduation mechanism

The soft sauna is a gentler version of the Finnish sauna. The „moderate“ temperature of 55-70 °C with 40-70 % humidity is produced by a steam generator. A finely atomized brine solution in the air trickles over the integrated graduation mechanism and is beneficial for the skin, expands the blood vessels and increases blood flow. The experience will relax your muscles and help your heart and circulation. Depending on your state of physical well-being, your sauna experience will last 5-10 minutes. You must ensure that you have a sufficiently long rest period after visiting the sauna (approx. 20 minutes).

Water, vitalising and cleansing shower

After you have used the brine flotation tank, you can use two cleansing and vitalising showers. The shower canopy with rain sprinkler and the warm-water shower will give you a gentle water massage. And there is a Kneipp hose in the shower to cool you down quickly.

Sunbathing lawn

You can enjoy summer in Oberlech on our sunbathing lawn, which is right in front of the building. At an altitude of 1,700 metres between floral meadows and the majestic peaks of the Arlberg region, we offer you comfortable loungers and a selection of fruits, teas and fresh juices. Why not spend some time in this magical setting in our exclusive little pavilion, with a good book and a lovely cup of freshly brewed tea?