Fine dining in Lech am Arlberg

Fine dining at the Burg Vital Resort

Just enjoy in harmony with nature

Executive chef Manuel Hofmarcher, chef Matthias Schütz and sous-chef Dominic Baumann use natural finished products, herbs and spices and combine their culinary creativity with precious knowledge of medical science and nutritional science in the culinary concepts „vitalCOOKING“ and „SIMPLY ENJOY!“.


Concentration and reduction to the essential: Honour nature to ensure our future!

Most important is the harmony in our dishes and the perfect balance of basic products, spices and herbs. We prepare our products while using only lactose free dairy products, xylose and galactose.

We use natural finished products and old grain types without wheat gluten. Our countless regional and seasonal products get combined with precious oils which include a high level of polyphenol (secondary plant substances that strengthen the immune system) and valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

We do not use glutamate, flavour potentiator, preservatives, yeast extract and antioxidants.

E-booklet vitalPRÄVENT

E-booklet vitalPRÄVENT

Intelligent nourishment - live healthier and enjoy it.

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