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Fine dining at the Burg Vital Resort

Just enjoy in harmony with nature

Patron of culinary Thorsten Probost and Chef's Dominic Baumann and Manuel Hofmarcher use natural finished products, herbs and spices and combine their culinary creativity with precious knowledge of medical science and nutritional science in the culinary concepts „vitalCOOKING“ and „SIMPLY ENJOY!“.


Concentration and reduction to the essential: Honour nature to ensure our future!

Most important is the harmony in our dishes and the perfect balance of basic products, spices and herbs. We prepare our products while using only lactose free dairy products, xylose and galactose.

We use natural finished products and old grain types without wheat gluten. Our countless regional and seasonal products get combined with precious oils which include a high level of polyphenol (secondary plant substances that strengthen the immune system) and valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

We do not use glutamate, flavour potentiator, preservatives, yeast extract and antioxidants.

Nature in the kitchen

Thorsten Probost’s tip for guests ‘looking for’ vitamin D? Plain and simple: ‘Simply stretch your arms out into the sun!’. Quite the typical statement for the Swabian Executive Chef at Burg Vital Resort. The executive chef de cuisine likes pragmatism and directness. His firm handshake shows: He knows what he wants, even if that’s quite progressive at times. And that’s a good thing. The Lucian family has been trusting in his expertise for more than 15 years – and vice versa, of course. Together they have reformed the kitchen of the 5-star-superior hotel in Oberlech and that of its restaurants ‘Griggeler Stuba’ and ‘Picea’ and made it a healthy paradise. Their motto: ‘Simply enjoy – in harmony with nature.’ What exactly the neologism vitalPRÄVENT means and why a single tomato can make you really happy…

Impossible? No way! That’s what the guest expects and the customer is king...
Well, here there is only one king, or a queen, actually: And that’s nature. Our guests know that and that’s why they come here. And, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you: With us the motto is more like ‘Impossible? Quite possibly!’. Because we only serve what nature has to give. At the time when it’s ripe and ready.

So no strawberries in winter?
Precisely. No strawberries in winter. Simply because here in Austria strawberries are not in season in winter. Of course, a glass of cold champagne is great – and even nicer with a strawberry. But what good is the strawberry when it has no taste, no vitamins and when it’s just pretty?

Nature in the kitchen

I think: No good. Freshness, authenticity, a plump, deep red – and perfect, unparalleled sweetness. Now that’s a strawberry the way it’s supposed to be. Full of the best things nature has to offer. That’s something worth waiting for, if you ask me. And our guests usually think so, too...

Waiting & expecting – is that not a contradiction, particularly in a 5-star-superior hotel like the Burg Vital Resort?
No, quite the contrary. Nature is the architect in our kitchen – not us. You can’t force what isn’t there.


If a year has been quite dry it simply won’t be a porcino year. Of course, you can buy them everywhere, that’s not the point. But here the same principle applies: Freshness and regionality are definitely not part of that deal. However, this is exactly what we want to offer our guests: The amazing luxury of a great product and wonderfully honest food. No more and definitely no less.

Speaking of less: isn’t that sometimes more?
Absolutely, my team and I definitely think so. And that’s mirrored in our healthy cuisine, too. What with the constant abundance that surrounds us, we need to keep asking ourselves: What is it that we really-really need? You’d be surprised how little that is, with regards to our metabolism or the energy a good product gives us. A single, really good tomato can be a true feast, when it’s ripe and fresh. An explosion of tastes – packed with lycopenes, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Add fresh herbs, high-quality oils that are rich in valuable substances like omega 3, a dash of pepper and salt, a good piece of bread…what more do you want? For your head and your stomach it’s definitely enough. The fact that you won’t get hungry for a while is proof of that.

At the kitchen with Thorsten Probost

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