Griggeler Stuba: „Grand Award“ 2019

Griggeler Stuba: „Grand Award“ 2019
1. Aug. 2019

The American magazine „Wine Spectator“ has awarded the Griggeler Stuba of Burg Vital Resort 5*S at the Arlberg with one of the highest awards: for the combination of excellent cuisine and perfectly matching wine culture.

One of the world's top wine restaurants

The 3 toques awarded fine dining restaurant „Griggeler Stuba“ of Burg Vital Resort in Oberlech, is one of eight restaurants, that got awarded with the popular „Grand Award“ in 2019. The price of the world's leading wine magazine has been awarded annually since 1981. The magazine rewards restaurants with an exceptional selection of wines as it is about the combination of dishes with noble drops. In addition to venues in Washington, D.C., Paris, Milan, Mexico and Texas, Griggeler Stuba in Lech am Arlberg got elected to be part of the best wine restaurants worldwide.

It's true attention to detail

Burg Vital Resort 5*S is about the fusion of nature, art and wine. But what was the idea behind it? The motivation that you can always do better and attention to detail made it possible to offer a perfect interaction of wine and food. Therefore, the concept is spoiling the palate to the fullest.

3 wine cellars, 3000 different wines, 60 000 bottles of wine

The wine cellar features a vast wine collection to perfectly accompany with the dishes of the chef de cuisine Matthias Schütz and his team. We are talking about 3000 different wines with regards to the wine selection. Every single sommelier knows about the magic combination of wine and food, may it be wine director Maximilian Lucian, Head Sommelier Michael Bauer or General Manager Thomas Lucian.

All 3 wine cellars are serving to find the perfect match for each dish of the 7-course menu in the Griggeler Stuba. As the name might already indicate, the French Room offers fantastic bottles of top-notch French wine producers, such as Domaine de la Romanée Conti from 2009 or Bordeaux wines from the 1980s. In the second cellar of the house the most exclusives wines of Austria are stored like a treasure. In the third vault there are treasures from Spain, Italy, Germany and of Switzerland as well as from California. The world of wines at home in Oberlech.

Culinary Summit at Burg Vital Resort 5*S at the Arlberg

„Wine is appreciation, love of nature, art and enjoyment“, according to hotel director and owner of the Griggeler Stuba, Thomas Lucian. This motto refers to the entire operation and can be felt by every guest. Apart from wine, the excellent cuisine is awarded as well, and the resort is praised to the skies for its performance.

Immerse yourself into the world of Burg Vital Resort, experience the magic combination of cuisine and fine wines as well as find a heavenly relaxation from daily routine with our latest summer package. With choosing the package Gourmet meets tradition you may look forward to three nights including a fine dining experience in our restaurant Griggeler Stuba, a guided tour through our awarded wine cellars as well as a few more highlights. First class, excellent and tailor-made up to your needs.