The combination of different treatment methods presents a big advantage

The combination of different treatment methods presents a big advantage
18. Oct. 2017

The interaction between different approaches is the great advantage of the vitalPrävent concept.

Each participant gets an individual weekly schedule. Depending on the symptom pattern, this contains more sports units, additional treatments of Chinese medicine or increased myoreflex therapy. The combination of these treatment methods has been figured out perfectly. In myoreflex therapy, the muscle insertion and the origin of the pain are treated predominantly. Chinese medicine works on the meridians running through the body. For example, if someone complains about pain in the knees, they can often be relieved by treating the muscle chains and loops located there. But sometimes the cause of the pain might be found elsewhere in the body. Thus, in the case of knee pain, the gastric meridian runs upwards in a straight line and the treatment of the stomach or gastric meridians can lead to the relief of knee pain.

A further example of the advantages of the combination of different nutritional and treatment methods is described by Eva Ganster. Many people nowadays suffer from back pain, these are often alleviated by various therapeutic treatments. But there are cases where the best therapeutic hands cannot lead to relief. In this case it is worth looking at the eating habits of the person concerned. Too much sugar makes the liver work on high-speed trips, which can radiate to the surrounding areas. The simple omission of sugar and thus the relief of the liver, led to complete regeneration of people with back problems. It is fascinating how nutrition, sports and therapy are intertwined, enthuses Eva Ganster.

Another nice example of the effectiveness of the combination of diet, sports and therapy is also the history of one of the participants of this year's vitalPrävent week. The lady, at the age of seventy, complained of severe pain in the groin and back after she fell and hurt herself at home. She was tied to bed at home but decided to participate in the vitalPrävent week. Therapy twice a day and a diet plan adapted to her type 2 diabetes made it possible for her to participate in our herbal wanderings without pain. And she also could walk longer distances without dyspnoea and pain. The lady was very happy and we too, rejoiced Karina Lucian.

The perfect interaction of the therapists is another reason for the success of the vitalPrävent week. Every day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening, the progress of the individual participants was discussed. In order to get the best out of everyone, treatment plans have been adapted also during this week. Karina Lucian gives another example of how mental problems of one of the participants could have been eased. According to Chinese medicine, mental problems, such as depression, are associated with the liver. Thus, the liver meridian was treated by the Chinese therapists. To be able to do this successfully, the muscle chains and loops around the liver meridian were opened using myoreflex therapy. From a nutritional point of view, St. John´s wort and hawkbit can replenish the power reserves. From a sports-scientific point of view, sports in the fresh air is recommended too and thus, also the Nordic Walking tours offered helped to improve the complaints.

vitalPrävent week, to ensure a high quality of life for as long as possible

The participants of this year's vitalPrävent week were people from the age of 40 upwards, male and female, passionate Nordic Walkers and Ultramarathon runners, who have one thing in common: they attach great importance to their health. Our offer is intended to encourage people to act preventively. We would like to help people to change their lifestyle in such a way that a high quality of life is guaranteed as long as possible, says Eva Ganster. Nearly every one of us suffers from disorders, stress, bad posture or accidents during the course of his or her life, and the sooner you change your habits, the longer you will feel comfortable. In this one week, the participants will be able to see how much you can achieve in one week and they learn how to continue this "life concept" at home. Especially in the nutrition area it is easier during a stay at the hotel, because a comprehensive offer is available and one does not have to worry about anything. We would especially like to demonstrate that healthy alternatives are tasty, easy to prepare and a rethinking from "I must not" to "this alternative tastes really good" is not difficult at all. It is not enough to make a list of all the things that should be avoided and to hand them over to the participants. This would only encourage perplexity, but no joy. Instead, we organize herbal migrations, which teaches participants how to enhance healthy foods. In the cooking course, we show how simple the preparation of healthy dishes can be and how good they can taste. Individual preferences and possible intolerances of each individual participant are of course taken into consideration, says Karina Lucian.

Feedback and review

The participants' feedback was overwhelming. Especially the fact that an individual therapy plan was created for every participant and there was still some leisure time available. Thus, participants who had been traveling with their family had enough time to go hiking or cycling in the presence of their loved ones. Some participants have used this time to relax and unwind, as the vitalPrävent week at the Burg Vital Resort offers the perfect setting even for this.

vitalPRÄVENT guests

Basically the participants felt better, healthier and more vital after this week. Many physical complaints could be alleviated, and some had gone completely. Since physical complaints usually do not arise overnight, but develop over a longer period, it is important to see the idea of ​​vitalPrävent in the long term.

A highlight of this year's vitalPrävent week was the Tuina therapy by Dr. Jin-Song Xie, a therapy form that is no longer taught today.

Also the herbal migration with Patron of culinary Thorsten Probost to “Libellensee” lake and back again was an experience. As beautiful as the joint cooking and tasting of the found treasures.

Extensive information on the topics of nutrition, sports and therapy were provided already during this week in the form of a briefing pack, in addition the participants received further interesting information by email. Additionally, the Burgvital team is available at any time for further questions.

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