"The nutritional concept at Burg Vital Resort has changed our lives!"

"The nutritional concept at Burg Vital Resort has changed our lives!"
10. Aug. 2017

Interview with the Skeleton aces Janine Flock and Matthias Guggenberger:

Heading down the ice channel at 145 kmh - they love pure adrenaline. What does the Olympic athletes Janine Flock and Matthias Guggenberger lead to our hotel in Oberlech? We interviewed the Skeleton aces and found out why Burg Vital Resort is the perfect place for recreation, relaxation and nutritional know-how, also for top athletes. Five reasons to feel good ...

1. The silence up in the mountains

Matthias Guggenberger: ‘Competitive athletes live according to a strict training plan. Besides strength and endurance training, we work a lot on our coordination and mobility. In addition, the mental component plays an important role in skeleton sports. Furthermore, material development and maintenance take time too. All in all, up to 45 hours a week. After 5 to 6 weeks of intense training, the body and mind becomes tired. Therefore, regeneration is an important part of the training.’

Janine Flock: ‘Exactly! We already have a lot of workout routine and we know our bodies well, thus we know when it is the right time for regeneration. We take a time out of 3 to 5 days regularly. At Burg Vital Resort we find exactly the peace and the environment we need for such a regeneration phase.’

2. Nature and activities at 1700 m

Matthias Guggenberger: ‘In competitive sports, it is important to be able to adapt to altitude differences as quickly as possible. Previously, the rule was exercise up in the altitude and sleep down in the valley. In the meantime, this has changed. To regenerate at 1700 meters, where Burg Vital Resort is situated, makes absolutely sense, not only because of the feel-good factor but also from a sports science perspective. That is the reason why many Olympic training centres are situated in higher locations.’

Janine Flock: ‘The Arlberg is the optimal area for professional athletes, because you have a wide range of different activities to regenerate. Swimming, biking, running, hiking, golfing but also mountain biking or downhill - these activities are fun and an alternation at the same time.

At Burg Vital Resort, the indoor and outdoor swimming pools offer the opportunity to swim daily. In addition, there are E-bikes available for rent, these are great to regenerate our leg muscles, which are already heavily stressed by the training and with the E-bikes it is still possible to have a great trip. In addition to guided hiking tours offered by the hotel, I really love the daily yoga program. I have been practicing yoga and pilates for some time. Firstly, because it creates a balance to the strength training and second, because it improves the mobility enormously.

Athletes must work on preventing injuries consequently, higher mobility reduces the risk of injuries. To prevent muscle injuries and to strengthen the joints is an important issue for us. Pilates and Co help to strengthen the body from inside, both are a good supplement to the weight training and therefore an increasingly important part of the daily training plan.’

3. The unique nutritional concept at Burg Vital Resort

Janine Flock: ‘A friend of us established contact with Thorsten Probost, the Patron of culinary of Burg Vital Resort. He convinced us immediately of his nutritional concept. He showed us how to avoid sugar in our daily nutrition plan and how to prepare our meals in a puristic herb-based way.

We started the diet according to Dr. Kurt Mosetter two month ago and since than we have replaced sugar with galactose and xylose. Dr. Mosetter has developed this nutritional concept for patients with cancer, but he also gives advice to football teams. We have adapted this diet to our specific needs. It is known that sugar creates an acid environment and attacks muscles. We know our body well and we can feel what is good for us and what harms our well-being. I feel more comfortable, I am less tired, and I am able to aliment myself in a way to make energy available when I need it.’

Matthias Guggenberger: ‘In sports, it is not easy to gain advantage on an international level. Training science and material development are on the same level almost everywhere. The first 10 days after changing our diet were not easy. We had withdrawal symptoms and very moody phases but then we quickly realized that we were doing well.

The difference to the life before is huge, because the physical tiredness has gone, there are no noon fatigues anymore, the deep sleep phases have become longer and the muscle tone is less. In addition, our immune system has become stronger and we are less ill. In short, it is a totally new way of life.’

Janine Flock: ‘Athletes spend a lot of time in hotels in different countries. It is not easy to find a hotel whose way to cook corresponds to our way of nutrition. It is more than useful that Thorsten Probost has agreed to create a nutrition concept for us. Thus, we can continue the way of eating that we have become accustomed to during the summer, also during the winter season.

Especially regarding the Olympic Games in Korea, where the menu plan does not correspond perfectly to our diet. In winter, it is essential to eat well-balanced because of the cold. In one season, between November and March, we lose between 3 and 6 kilos of body weight. In consequence, the performance and competitiveness is no longer on top. With our nutritional approach, we exclude this and get exactly the nutritive substances we need. Thorsten Probost knows a lot about the optimal diet, which is shown also by the success of the hotel.’

4. The therapy and wellness offer

Janine Flock: ‘The whole house speaks wellness. From the moment you enter, until you leave. In between you can enjoy very good food, the SPA-offer and of course the silence. Relaxation and recovery in the mountains also change your sleep behaviour. You sleep deeper and simply better. Moreover, you are in the middle of nature in Oberlech, you have the possibility to exercise and relax, already this is wellness.
The in-house cosmetic studio with the extensive beauty range and the hairdresser are a wonderful thing, especially for me as a woman. Besides the training, I do not have a lot of time for these things and here at Burg Vital Resort I have all in one.’

Matthias Guggenberger: ‘Besides the nutritional program, the peace and nature, I am impressed by the skills of the therapist team. There are various massage techniques offered and all people working there are always trying hard to make you feel comfortable. We have tried the myoreflex therapy and that beats everything!’

5. The warm and familiar atmosphere

Janine Flock and Matthias Guggenberger: ‘At Burg Vital Resort you feel the positive working atmosphere. It is harmonious, which is also being felt by the guests. The staff is very friendly, you can notice that everyone likes to work there and the work climate is healthy. Burg Vital Resort is a place full of energy. You are invited to be like you are. It is very familiar, you feel at home and all this on a very high level.’

The Burg Vital team likes to thank you for the interview and is looking forward to welcome you back to Oberlech soon!