Time out with a view

Time out with a view
18. Jul. 2017

"Man needs hours to concentrate and immerse himself" (Albert Einstein)

Already Albert Einstein has recognized that it is important and beautiful to have a break from time to time. We would like to take you on a journey and show you how a time out in the middle of the Lech Alps at Burg Vital Resort could be.

You are lying on a comfortable sundeck, raised over Lech, at 1700 m and you close your eyes. You are thinking of the wonderful hike you did today. Walking through colorful and flowery meadows, under the bright blue sky, through the almost untouched nature of the Arlberg and surrounded by peace and beautiful sunshine. You still smell the flowers that are blooming on the surrounding mountain meadows and you feel the warmth of the mountain sun on your skin. You are absolutely relaxed. The moment when you open your eyes and an incomparable view of the majestic mountain scenery appears, puts a smile on your lips. You lower your gaze and in front of you is a beautiful swimming pool which invites you to refresh yourself and to crown the moment of your time out. You get into the cool water, let yourself drift and feel the refreshing water on your skin warmed up by the sun...

Where the sky is reflected, demanding sunbathers will find incomparable beauty. The newly designed outdoor area has an even larger panoramic terrace, comfortable sunbeds and an outdoor pool area, which even increases your feel - good factor. At the new outdoor bar, we pamper our guests with delicacies from our menu and refreshing drinks. This ambience invites you to go on for longer...

We invite you to get a picture of it yourself and to tell us about your perfect wellbeing moment at the Burg Vital Resort.

Hard facts

  • Depth: 1,37 m
  • Temperature: 30 °C heated
  • Opening hours 07.30 am to 08.00 pm (during the summer season)

Please note that our outdoor relax pool is for adults or children from 15 years on only. Children accompanied by an adult may use our indoor-pool and enjoy different water attractions!