Tourism pioneers

Tourism pioneers
13. Oct. 2016

Helga and Fridolin Lucian

1961 Helga und Fridolin Lucian opened their "Burg Stüble", a small restaurant with terrace service, created from the family's barn. At first it was a "Milchtrinkstube", where skiers and walkers could take a break with a glass of fresh milk; but one year later, after being granted a restaurant licence, it became a cosy, traditional-style restaurant serving food and drink.

With lots of patience, stamina and hard work the restaurant was remodelled and expanded almost every year. Today the Burg Hotel is one of Arlberg's top addresses. Innovative and energetic, Gerhard and Elisabeth Lucian are the second generation of this family to run the Burg Hotel and it continues to live up to its name - the Burg is a symbol for perfect hospitality and joie de vivre.

1987 In the centre of Salzburg the family's eldest son Hugo and his wife Eva opened the completely renovated "Altstadthotel Stadtkrug" which had already been in family hands. Their personal and individual management style has made this long-established hotel, with its idyllic garden and excellent cuisine, into a real gem in the heart of this festival city.

1989 For their next pioneering idea, Helga and Fridolin Lucian began building an alpine hut on the nearby Kriegeralpe. This hut has become a favourite meeting place for walkers and skiers alike.

1997 Completion of perhaps Fridolin Lucian's most extraordinary project, establishing the Oberlech tunnel system. This unique tunnel system has meant that Oberlech is now free of traffic in winter.

Another of Helga and Fridolin Lucian's ideas also came to fruition in the same year. Originally conceived as a spa extension to the Burg Hotel, the Burg Vital Resort was opened in December. Since then, Thomas and Hannelore Lucian have been successfully running the exclusive chalet hotel which now boasts 107 beds. It has been running as a business in its own right for many years now, thanks to the tireless hard work of the family.

One of Fridolin Lucian's projects which is also very important to him personally is the establishment of an ultramodern and environmentally friendly biomass plant to supply Lech with energy. This has grown out of the Lucian family's experiences in installing the first biomass energy plant to supply the Burg Hotel and Burg Vital Resorts.

A new biomass plant went into operation in Oberlech in the autumn of 2009. 26 businesses have already been connected to the service since November 2009.

After fifty years of a working life defined by tireless energy and non-stop hard work on behalf of their guests, Helga and Fridolin Lucian can now look with pride on the business which they have created with the help of their three sons, their families and a loyal staff: the family-run Burg HotelBurg Vital Resort and Hotel Stadtkrug in Salzburg.