Vital Golf - a sport for body & soul into old age

Vital Golf - a sport for body & soul into old age
17. Jul. 2018

The Arlberg is known as one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world. Winter sports fans especially appreciate the extent of the fascinating Arlberg massif. Anyone who appreciates the Arlberg in winter will love it in summer. Numerous hiking and mountain bike trails lead through lush green meadows, past clear mountain streams and up to more than 2000 meters. One might think that apart from all the opportunities the Arlberg offers in the summer, there is no room for golf, but that is far from the case.

The highest golf course in Austria is in Lech.

The highest golf course in Austria is in Lech. At over 1500 meters, the 9-hole course extends. The height of the golf course is special, because sports activities at higher altitudes have many health benefits. Through physical activity in the mountains, the oxygen transport in the blood is improved and the body experiences a noticeable strengthening. This prevents cardiovascular problems, improves well-being and also consumes a few calories. In a 4-hour golf game, about 9 km are covered and there is an energy consumption of about 1700 kcal. When golfing, the heart beats up to 150 times per minute, which boosts the immune system and endurance.

Regeneration guaranteed

To mention is also the regeneration factor in golfing. Studies show the recreational effect of staying in nature: the level of stress tends to drop in environments where, like on a golf course, you can let your eyes wander, in comparison to being in a rough terrain, such as dense forests.

Golfing trains your concentration

Golf is a game that requires high concentration. In contrast to other sports where one often reacts instinctively, one has plenty of time in golf to prepare for each individual stroke. The movement sequence in golf is also particularly complicated. For these reasons, mental performance plays a greater role in golf than in other sports. If you want to improve your handicap, in addition to physical training, especially the increase in mental performance promises success.

The risk of injury when golfing is relatively low, so this sport can be exercised into old age.

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