vitalPRÄVENT – Why does one week at Burg Vital Resort can increase your wellbeing sustainably!

vitalPRÄVENT – Why does one week at Burg Vital Resort can increase your wellbeing sustainably!
25. Sep. 2017

In conversation with Karina Lucian (SPA manager and physiotherapist at Burg Vital Resort) and Mag. Eva Ganster (sports scientist and therapist at Burg Vital Resort)

The concept vitalPRÄVENT consists in the holistic view of the human being. The three pillars of the vitalPRÄVENT week are the findings of nutritional science combined with the know-how of first class cuisine and an individually adapted sports and therapy program. Our hectic everyday life, stress, too little exercise, unhealthy diet and too little sleep bring body and mind out of balance. Health and well-being have a lot to do with prevention and so we want to show with this concept how you can change your life, thinking and feeling sustainably.

With vitalPRÄVENT we show our guests how they can take a new path in the fields of nutrition, sports and therapy during their stay with us in Oberlech and thus take home a piece of life quality. Positive effects will be felt already during this week and long term the vitalPRÄVENT week can lead to a change of habits and a healthier lifestyle.

A team of experienced therapists, sports scientists and nutritionists has developed the vitalPRÄVENT concept and shows how you can detect and break unhealthy living patterns.

Starting with an initial consultation, the body is viewed from the therapeutic point of view, also the musculoskeletal system is examined, an anamnesis is made and it is spoken in detail about any affliction. From this status, the ideal image will be created and it will be discussed how one would like to feel after this week and beyond on long term.

In addition to an individual diet tailored to the participants, traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy and myoreflex therapy, psychology and kinesiology, as well as a comprehensive exercise program such as Nordic Walking, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and KID is applied.

Myoreflex therapy does not treat the symptom, but tries to find the cause and treat it, according to our SPA manager Karina Lucian. For a better understanding, she mentions an example: A crane is hanging on the wire rope. The wire ropes are our musculature and the crane the joint, without these wire ropes the crane would have no function. Myoreflex therapy works mainly on the muscle. We try to balance muscular imbalances, open constrictions and restore nerve tracts. Also, nutrition plays an important role, especially sugar is a big issue. When we talk about sugar it is not just the known white refinded sugar, which is contained in chocolate or ice cream. Very heavily processed carbohydrates such as white rice, noodles and wheat flour products also have a detrimental effect on the blood sugar. At Burg Vital Resort, we do not use ordinary sweeteners but we use alternatives such as Xylose and Galactose* instead. Sugar produces an acidic environment in the body, thus the muscles tense and the metabolism in the muscle does not work properly anymore.

This year's vitalPRÄVENT week was a success all along the line. Examples and information about the stories of individual participants will be given in the next blog article in mid-October. We are happy to answer any questions about the concept of vitalPRÄVENT:

* Galactose is derived from the natural sugars found in milk and it is an ideal sweetener for daily use. It is also used as a supplement to fuel intense physical or spiritual strain. Galactose is the perfect energy source because it is easily accessible to the muscles.

Xylose has the same structure of sugars found in trees, plants and fruits. The Xylose is also known as a wooden sugar and is comparable in taste with white refined sugar. Xylose finds use in the food industry amongst others as a substitute to sugar and is admitted as a sweetener in Germany and Austria.