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Optimum layout

A question of form - we advise you on the optimum layout

The arrangement of tables and seating is a decisive factor in the success of an event.

Discuss your content and objectives with us ahead of the event so that we can make the best possible preparations for the conference room and seating.

Layout option details for seminar rooms

The choice between bench, theatre or parliamentary style seating and horseshoe or block table layout is decided by the number of participants and the customer's conception of the event. The size of the tables (70 x 140 cm) is generous enough that for larger events two people can easily be seated at one table.

Room size




Theatre style

Karhorn 97.50 m2
15.00 x 6.50
32 18 15 42
Kriegerhorn 97.50 m2
15.00 x 6.50
32 18 15 42
Rüfikopf 195.00 m2
15.00 x 13.00
72 30 40 90
Total area 390 m2
15.00 x 26.00
98 78 98 220

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