Seminar rooms

Seminar rooms

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Overview seminar rooms

Rüfikopf seminar room

The Rüfikopf seminar room is the largest of our three conference rooms at 195 m². Depending on the layout of chairs and tables, we can accommodate 27 to 90 event participants in this room.

The furnishing and facilities in our rooms have been designed with an emphasis on top quality and maximum comfort. Every conference participant has his or her own table of 70 x 140 cm.

Ergonomically designed chairs, ideal for long periods of sitting, ensure comfort and concentration. The partition walls, tables and floors are made from quality oak. This material ensures a bright and airy ambience and healthy air in the room.

Kriegerhorn seminar room

The Kriegerhorn seminar room, with an area of 97.5 m², offers space for up to 42 participants depending on layout.

Just like the other seminar rooms it has comfortable furniture, a bright atmosphere and the latest technology: each of our four conference rooms has a large screen, flipcharts, projector, flat screen televisions as well as a DVD player and stereo. All of the audiovisual devices can be operated via a multi-language touchscreen control panel. Participants' own laptops can be easily connected into this control panel, meaning that their individual results can be immediately projected onto the screen.

Take advantage of maximum effectiveness.

Karhorn seminar room

The Karhorn seminar room, with an area of 97.5 m², offers space for 15 to 42 participants, just like the "Kriegerhorn" seminar room.

Depending on the needs of the participants, all rooms can be easily shaded or blacked out with automatic blinds. Room temperature can also be individually controlled - the air can be cooled for seminars with active elements and a focus on movement. Our furniture is sturdy yet easily moved - this means that a seminar room can be reconfigured in a few short minutes if, for example, space is needed for dynamic activity after a presentation.

Flexibility is our strength when it comes to your needs.

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