Summer in Oberlech

Summer in Oberlech

Summer opening hours: 30th June to 17th September 2023

Feel the power and peace of nature

Dear guests and friends,

Happiness is something to be shared - which is why we are so pleased about your visit to Oberlech. The position of our hotel, the mountain views which surround it, nature's diversity in the summer months here in Arlberg - it all adds up to something very special.

Lush flower meadows, crystal clear mountain streams, majestic peaks and romantic winding paths - our region is unique and we want to share it with our guests and visitors to our hotel.

With the Burg Vital Resort we have created an oasis of peace in sunny Oberlech where every guest can relax in his or her own personal way. Sit back and let yourself be pampered or get your fill of sporting activities from the wide range on offer.

Something pure and healthy from our critically acclaimed kitchen and a good bottle of wine make the perfect way to see out a fabulous day as the sun goes down.

We look forward to seeing you here in Oberlech in the summer!

The Lucian family

Burg Vital Resort in summer

A place in the sun
an active family

Fragrant flowering meadows, stunning mountain landscapes, nothing but nature and its unrestrained beauty: There is no doubt, the gods must have taken a break here…back when Lech was created. And in the midst of this breathtaking landscape you’ll find Burg Vital Resort, in Oberlech, at about 1700 altitude metres, to be exact. The air up here is especially healthy – this has even been proven in studies, and it also shows by the people who live and work here and whose roots are planted firmly in this wonderful piece of land.

And suddenly it clicked

In the early mornings, when the view of the surrounding mountains is particularly clear, most guests at Burg Vital Resort will head to the 5-star-superior hotel’s spacious sun terrace. Take a deep breath, stretch, take a seat, marvel and enjoy. A wholesome breakfast from our healthy kitchen, for example. Or a home-made herbal tea with botanicals from our own gardens. There really isn’t much else to do at this hour...yet.

Because: After breakfast the perfect day awaits all those looking for an active way to spend their day. ‘The possibilities here really are diverse, just like the people’, Hannelore Lucian smiles as she comes back from her marathon training. Having already run her first marathon, she is currently preparing for the next one. Together with her team, Mrs. Lucian is in charge of the SPA and wellness area and the vitalSPORT at Burg Vital Resort. It’s hard to believe that many years ago she was not all that active herself. ‘I actually find it hard to imagine now’, the hostess laughs. ‘Of course, I had a healthy, nutrition-conscious and active lifestyle, I also did sports. But running was never really my thing. Up until there came a turning point and a friend of mine, who is a doctor, told me, rather insistently: “Hannelore, you can only destress while exercising – not by sitting down and doing nothing!” Well and then suddenly it clicked and I started running. Metre for metre, further and further on bigger and bigger runs and up more altitude metres. And today there is nothing more beautiful for me than to run up and down Kriegerhorn after a stressful day, taking a shower and experiencing that rush of energy and fitness – physical and mental.’

Mountain biking with children at the Arlberg

Exercise starts in your head

Biting through – and sometimes doing things you don’t know (yet): This generally is the Lucian family’s motto. ‘Exercising is decisive for a person’s health in general. But don’t worry, that’s not the kind of knowledge one must be born with. The wish to exercise is something that forms in your head, too. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, sometimes motivated by a certain event’. Such an event could simply be summer or the wish to do something good for one’s body. So, this means: ‘We recommend our guests to exercise as much as possible in a given day, then calm down, then have a good meal. In this order. And all those who want to do exactly that have come to the right spot’, is how Hannelore Lucian explains the concept of vitalPRÄVENT. And she shares with us that she has walked the Way of St. James twice already. ‘At first I asked myself: Why on Earth did I do that? Such a long march! But: You start, you walk, you unwind, you feel calm. An incredibly elating feeling!’

No matter if it's active or passive: just be sporty

No matter if you run, hike, enjoy Nordic walking, cycling, rafting, rock climbing, downhill cycling or mountain biking, no matter if you’re looking for active or more passive exercise like yoga, meditation, mental archery or even fishing: The guests at Burg Vital Resort can let off steam whichever way they want; or, if they like, let us help them decide.

‘We talk to each and every guest, because a training programme is something very personal. If so desired, we’ll do a scientific performance and lactate diagnosis at the beginning of a guest’s stay. Depending on their needs and physical shape our trainers and therapists will then put together an individual exercise programme.

‘Enjoyment is exercise’

‘If you’d rather use our state-of-the art cardio or weight training equipment, be our guest. Others prefer the crosstrainer, some like fitness courses like Aqua Fit or back exercises. What I personally really like is our Burg Vital Yoga spot: directly on the green grass, or, in case the weather is bad, in our refurbished Yoga-hut’. And something that profits everyone, irrespective of their workout of choice: Seeing as the Burg Vital Resort is situated at 1,700 altitude metres our bodies produce more red blood cells. Which means that there is more oxygen for the cells and the immune system and the cardiovascular system are strengthened. ‘Ideal for all those who like to train and work out. But for people like me, who simply enjoy hiking, the quiet and spending a beautiful time with oneself, one’s loved ones or family. Up here you’re all by yourself, though you might run into a few cows or marmots’, the owner and sommelier Thomas Lucian smirks. And he adds: ‘The perfect active summer’s day at Burg Vital Resort ends the way it started: With a good, healthy meal from our house’s healthy kitchen. Because we are convinced: Enjoyment is exercise, too’.