Play golf at Lech am Arlberg

Play golf in Lech am Arlberg

5-star service and exclusive deals for our hotel guests.

Does a golf hotel have to be located right next to the golf course?

We say no. Because the service that the Burg Vital Resort in Oberlech offers its golfing guests definitely offsets the short distance to Golfclub Lech.

Aside from that we are one of the hotels that founded Golfclub Lech and we are thus not only able to offer our guests practical service but exclusive conditions for their golf holiday In Lech am Arlberg, too.

Golf hotel with top conditions & service

Beginning from summer 2016 our hotel guests hits the golf ball with TOP conditions on the new 9-hole golf course in Lech.

The Burg Vital service for golfers:

  • 20 % off for the greenfee at the golf club Lech
  • start times and trainer's hours bookable at the hotel
  • Golfbag and Caddy store room at the hotel
  • transfer from the hotel to the golf course Lech and back

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Hole-in-one on the perfect playground

Lech plus 1500 altitude metres plus mountains: It makes sense that a golf course in this area would be somewhat hilly, right? Wrong! At Golfclub Lech the contrary is the case: lush, smooth, flat green as far as the eye can see. But that’s not the only special feature that amazes passionate golfers at Golfclub Lech. It’s the wonderful wide open space, the uninhibited view, the fascinating edges of the surrounding mountains, the quiet rambling of the river that meanders through the green. And of course, it’s also the encounters that take place there. On the terrace of the wood-panelled clubhouse, for example. Being at one with nature – that’s everybody’s goal in this wonderful place.

The game, the ball, and you.

The fact that this golf course was thought out, designed and made with a lot of sensitivity is not just due to the fact that the makers are passionate golfers themselves but also due to their love for Lech. One of them is Thomas Lucian, host at Burg Vital Resort. Aside from his love for wine, golf is his second big passion. ‘Actually, I always wanted to become a winemaker’, he smirks, ‘but of course that’s not something you can just do on the side. But golf, that’s something we always manage!’.

We – that’s he and his wife Hannelore, the two are in charge of Burg Vital Resort. ‘We had the privilege of playing on the world’s most beautiful golf courses, and it’s something we enjoy thoroughly. Taking a break, calming down, focusing on the game, the ball, and you’. Well that sounds like pure golf harmony, ‘but that’s not always the case’, the mother of five tells us, ‘though we may have the same opinion in most cases, that is not so on the golf course’.

Founding hotel Golfclub Lech

Just how strongly the Burg Vital Resort is connected with Lech’s golf club is shown here: ‘Our house is one of the golf club’s founding hotels. Of course, that’s something we’re somewhat proud of, but mostly we’re aiming to pass on our passion – to our guests. Be it in form of reduced greenfees, an exclusive shuttle service from and to the hotel and good conversations about one of the most important things in life’. Although: Would that not be wine, at least for the trained sommelier? ‘Yes, that’s true! Golf is very enjoyable, so the two things are very close together, in terms of importance. Just like Burg Vital Resort and Golfclub Lech: Only ten minutes and you’re right there, on the beloved green’.

Where you play across a river...

It only opened in summer 2016, so it’s clear – the course is very young still. Just like the warm laughter of the younger generation of golfers who are busy practising teeing off and holing the ball. ‘One of our sons has inherited the golf-gene, it seems. That’s great!’. And what is also great is the 19 hectare ‘perfect playground in the middle of nature’. With one special challenge: At hole 3 and 4 golfers have to actually play across the river Lech. Well, that’s what Austria’s highest-situated golf course is all about: Relaxation and a challenging game on one course.

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