vitalPRÄVENT - one aim, three pillars

vitalCOOKING - vitalSPORT - vitalTHERAPY

High performance pressure, insufficient movement, unhealthy nourishment – these are many negative factors in our today’s society.

With vitalPRÄVENT the team of the Burg Vital Resort would like to set new standards for your most important days of the year – your holiday! The unique preventive- and healthcare concept was developed by a team of experts (Dr. Med. Kurt Mosetter, Dr. Johannes Koy).

We offer our guests during their stay in Oberlech the opportunity to explore new ways in the fields of nourishment, sport and therapy, which have a durable and positive effect on your wellbeing. With an ideal implementation positive effects are prompt and enduring noticeable.

Intelligent nourishment - live healthier and enjoy it

To live healthier and nourish yourself intelligent become to a conscious, consequent attitude of life and characterizes everyday life soon – and thus the wellbeing. Realize what is good for you, what your body needs – and more important: what not!

Glycemic value and index, low carb diet – all just fads and passing trends? NO!
Numerous scientific studies proved that nourishment with reduced carbohydrate content are in fact much healthier. Carbohydrate-rich products such as wheat, rice, noodles, potatoes, sweet fruits and of course sugar and alcohol raise your blood sugar level quickly and have a lasting negative impact on your health. The let us increase in weight, makes us tired and lazy if we consume it regularly and in to large amounts.

Nourishment is more than only “ingestion”: If you fit it optimal to a person’s individual situation, it’s going to play an important role in the fields of prevention and by therapies of disease of civilization.

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