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The first of three pillars

With the love of nature and the know-how of experts.

vitalCOOKING has been developed from our guiding principle of "pure enjoyment" and the desire to cook in accordance with nature. The experience of medical scientists was combined with this way of cooking and a unique line was created.

With the love of nature and the know-how of experts

Our existing kitchen line is mainly based on regional and seasonal products. This nutrition gets combined with ancient methods of Ayurveda to activate your well-being and the self-healing process of your body. The teachings of Sanskrit became part in our way of cooking as well. Fruits and vegetables, meat and fish gets combined with more than 100 different herbs and become delicious dishes.

Certain foods and creations can help to balance possible disharmonies in your body.

In our culinary offer we give you the possibility to balance you dishes by yourself with our Tri Dosha herb paste or you can leaf it to our vitalCOOKING creative department.

All this has the great advantage of TASTE!

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Friends for life - connected by herbs

‘You, listen, the action is down here, not up there!’ Even today, many years later, both have to laugh when they think of their first herb hike. Both – that is Mrs. Lucian senior and Thorsten Probost, Burg Vital Patron of culinary. And ‘both’ – that’s also the idyllic and romantic herb garden located right next to the Burg Vital Resort. The two nurture and guard the garden, they let it grow and experiment with new varieties and they are delighted when their plants grow and flourish. In Mrs. Lucian’s case it’s always been like this, since she was a little girl. ‘I always used to collect alpine lady’s mantle for my grandmother, and I used to climb over rough and smooth to find the best and most beautiful plants’.


Over the decades the elderly herb expert has amassed incredible knowledge. However, she is hesitant to admit that actual herb-blood should flow in her veins. But, something else does: The fact that the passion for herbs is similar to love. Only when you know them will you see their fascination and their appeal. And the power they will give you. They let you forget everyday life, inspire the mind and elate the senses. Your focus is sharpened and there is only one thing you want: to retrieve them – these wonderful treasures of nature. For Thorsten Probost herbs play a decisive role in his life and kitchen. But only when they’re fresh: ‘And I mean really fresh. At Burg Vital Resort we never use dried herbs, only ever fresh ones form our own garden’. And they do not just end up in the pots but also in home-made teas and ointments that are made by Mrs. Lucian senior herself and that can be bought in the house’s own shop.

Köche und Kräuter

She herself has a cup of tea every day. She swears it keeps her young and fit. And healthy, most importantly. ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food’ –Hippocrates already said so. And so does Mrs. Lucian senior. ‘Yarrow is such a versatile medicine, it’s good for everything’. Of course, her sharpened eye sees more than just the obvious but spots the hidden, too. Like the ‘weed’ willowherb. ‘Most people just pick it like a weed. But I wait for it to flower, I cut it and then I dry it. This “mens’ herb”, as I like to call it, is very effective for prostate ailments, among other things’.

friends for life - connected by herbs


Thorsten Probost is aware of the medicinal properties of natural products, herbs and spices. Especially so since he’s been cooking at Burg Vital Resort. ‘Together with Mrs. Lucian senior we have transformed this wonderful plot of herb garden into a small pool of natural greens over the years. Or transplanted, if you will. Peppermint, sage, basil, rosemary but also salads and vegetables – all this grows just outside the door at 1,750 altitude metres in Oberlech’s idyllic mountains. The only thing you need is a pair of scissors to harvest. The rest is done by nature – and the two of us together’, Patron of culinary and Gault-Millau chef laughs; here at Burg Vital Resort he likes to combine his culinary creativity with valuable knowledge from medicine and nutritional science.


Both he and Mrs. Lucian senior have lost their heart – to herbs, to nature, to being ‘up there’. Speaking of ‘up there’: What was that again, right at the beginning, during the first herb hike together? Oh, yes, that was really telling – and, I must say, it coined me. On my first day of work at Burg Vital Resort I got to go off with Mrs. Lucian senior to collect herbs. But, of course I was so fascinated by the wonderful, picturesque scenery I was everywhere but with my eyes on the ground. Which is where herbs grow and why we had set out in the first place. So Mrs. Lucian senior clearly told me to focus on the essential. Down, where the herbs are: Where nature is lying at our feet...’.