vitalCOOKING at the Burg Vital Resort


The first of three pillars

With the love of nature and the know-how of experts.

vitalCOOKING has been developed from our guiding principle of "pure enjoyment" and the desire to cook in accordance with nature. The experience of medical scientists (Dr. Med. Kurt Mosetter, Dr. Johannes Koy) was combined with this way of cooking and a unique line was created.

With the love of nature and the know-how of experts

Our existing kitchen line is mainly based on regional and seasonal products. This nutrition gets combined with ancient methods of Ayurveda to activate your well-being. The teachings of Sanskrit became part in our way of cooking as well. Fruits and vegetables, meat and fish gets combined with countless herbs and become delicious dishes.

Certain foods and creations can help to balance possible disharmonies in your body.

In our culinary offer we give you the possibility to balance you dishes by yourself with our Tri Dosha herb paste or you can leaf it to our vitalCOOKING creative department.

All this has the great advantage of TASTE!

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