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vitalPRODUCTS overview

Exquisite ancient grains from "Meierhof"

On the 600 year old farmyard of Josef Ehrenberger and Helma Hamader they raise old cereals since 20 years: small spelt, emmer wheat, mountain wheat, “Waldstauden” grain and more.

Biologically sustainable, without plow and without genetic engineering in an economic form that promotes the health of animals and plants. The bread, baked in our house, contains significantly less carbohydrates, more useable gluten, more proteins, vitamins and mineral substances.


Xylose is the sugar that is generally used at the Burg Vital Resort. It is used in the kitchen and replaces industrial beet sugar. Xylose is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) and belongs to the same family as glucose (dextrose), fructose (fruit sugar) or galactose. This sugar is referred to as wood sugar because it is commonly found in nature and plays an important role in the lignified supporting tissue of many plants.

As a foodstuff, xylose has several positive properties: Only about 63 % of xylose absorbed through the diet ends up being metabolised in the small intestine; the rest is easily excreted through urine.

One of xylose's useful properties is that this sugar is mainly insulin-independent when metabolised. Studies have shown that the part of xylose that can be used by the human organism does not rely on the messenger substance insulin to get into cells. Furthermore, it does not cause a significant increase in blood sugar levels. Thus, unlike the case with conventional retail sugar, the insulin system and sugar metabolism are not burdened.

Marmelade and jam

with “healthy” sugar (galactose and erythritol). Those new and still largely unknown healthy alternatives of conventional sugar evolve the energy slower to the body. The blood sugar level is not rising unnecessarily fast. Body and mind benefit significantly longer from the released energy.

High-quality oils

(rich in precious ingredients such as vitamin E, omega 3, omega 6, valuable polyphenols). They provide a better metabolism and are rich in high-quality antioxidants in the form of secondary plant products.

Lactose-free milk products

The dairy products at Burg Vital Resort are generally lactose-free. They are significantly easier for the intestine to process - the body is free of the laborious task of splitting the lactose in the intestine with the aid of an enzyme, but can immediately assimilate the precious galactose. We obtain our lactose-free dairy products - milk, cream, curd cheese, yoghurt and sour cream - from the Metzler family in Egg, which is located in the Bregenz Forest, the largest hay-milk producing region in Europe.

Pork and veal from the Hanseler Farm

At the Hanseler Farm in Rietz, Tirol, the crossbred Schwäbisch-Hällisch/Duroc and Tirol Grey Cattle calves are raised under the care of Herbert Fritz. The spacious roaming space for wallowing and digging gives the pigs a species-appropriate, nearly natural living space. The calves are always raised together with the mother suckler cows. When it comes to nutrition, Herbert Fritz relies on high quality natural feed; his piglets are fed Anuschka potatoes that are grown at the farm. After slaughter, the meat remains at the farm until it ripens to its peak flavour.

Beef from the "Juhu" ranch

Hugo Lucian has fulfilled his dream of owning a farm with a cattle breeding – his animals browse on alpine meadows with view over the Alps in Salzburg.

Ox and heifers are processed in Burg Vital Resort to: “Mostbröckle” (shoulder and leg) for our breakfast buffet, hard-cured sausage from “Juhu” beef (a product without any additions, neither powder sugar nor pickling salt are used), braised and steamed dishes of the classical Austrian beef kitchen.

Fish from the Zuger Pond and Lake Constance, supplied by Andreas Mittermayr

Slow maturing in cold, clear source water and in Lake Constance guarantees the unique and incomparably pure taste of our fish. Depending on the season, we offer our guests mountain trout, char, carp, catfish, whitefish from Lake Constance, pike-perch, perch and sturgeon. All fish is caught just before being delivered to us - which is why we guarantee the absolute freshness of our products. A special indulgence is cold smoked trout, which is prepared on beechwood just for us right at the fishing pond.

Sausage, bacon and ham from Metzgerei Huber, the butcher's shop in Kitzbühel

With their motivated team, the Huber family guarantees the highest quality raw sausages, cooked and pre-cooked sausages as well as cured sausages. With its slogan "herrlich, ehrlich" (wonderfully honest), Metzgerei Huber processes products without using gluten, lactose or flavour enhancers. The original Kitzbühel bacon and ham specialties from the house of Huber also have an excellent reputation; following traditional recipes, true premium quality delicacies are created under the supervision of experienced bacon master Willi Burger.

Free-range eggs from Martinshof in Buch

Small, manageable flocks of chickens, purely plant-based GMO-free feed, more than 10 m² of meadow for each chicken as well as new, bright henhouses with daylight and warm nests: Martinshof in the Rhine Valley is truly a chicken's paradise. Happy chickens simply lay better eggs - you can taste the difference. The organic free-range eggs from Martinshof are made into delicious egg dishes in our kitchen and are never missing on the breakfast buffet menu.

Ländle juice from Richard Dietrich and the Hofsteig Orchard Initiative

The traditional products made by Richard Dietrich and the Hofsteig Orchard Initiative come from the standard trees in the lower Rhine Valley and the Leiblach Valley in Vorarlberg.

We obtain our elderberry juice from Jens Blum in Höchst. The gentle processing of the fruits guarantees good shelf life without any additives; a natural drinking pleasure. Whether warm or cold, with their natural turbidity producing particles and tannins, Ländle Juices effectively support the immune system. The sediment in the juice also stimulates digestion while vitamins and minerals play an equally important role in supplementing daily nutritional requirements.

vitalSHOP - healthy products for at home

You have the opportunity to enjoy our products the whole year and to do something for your health when you are at home. Please find many high-quality products in our vitalSHOP, which we use every day for creating the dishes at the Burg Vital Resort.

Take a piece of newfound quality of life in terms of nourishment home with you:

  • High-quality oils, vinegar,
  • galactose, ribose and erythritol,
  • buckwheat muesli,
  • herbal teas,
  • herbal elixirs,
  • herbal salt,
  • fruit spreads.

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