Healthy products for at home.

You have the opportunity to enjoy our products the whole year and to do something for your health when you are at home.

Please find many high-quality products in our vitalSHOP, which we use every day for creating the dishes at the Burg Vital Resort.

Take a piece of newfound quality of life in terms of nourishment home with you: High-quality oils, vinegar, galactose, erythritol, xylose, buckwheat muesli, herbal teas, herbal elixirs, herbal salt, fruit spreads and many more.

To make time fly a little quicker until you can once join us at Burg Vital Resort, you can now create your very own culinary delights with a holiday feeling at home using our gourmet boxes.

Furthermore, we have extended our product range and our care line “Valentina & Philippa” is now on available in our vitalSHOP too.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our extended product range.  

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