we'll get you in shape

Only a effectively training leads to success! Movement improves the efficiency, reduces fat and purges and detoxifies the body.

However every person, every organism has different training needs. To find out which training fits ideal to your needs, we conduct in case of interest at begin of your stay a sport scientific performance and lactate diagnostic.

Only a effectively training leads to success!

Our trainer creates a personal sport program for you depending on the needs and the given physical possibilities: It can contain Nordic walking, hiking, mountain biking or fitness courses (aqua gymnastic or back exercises) and an individual training with high-modern cardio- and power machines as well as cross trainers and running machines in our fitness center. Mental archery can also train your concentration and your body awareness.

Take advantage of our location on 1700 meters and the performance-enhancing factors of altitude training: The body produces more red blood cells and transports much more oxygen into the cells, the immune system and the whole circulatory system will be strengthened and benefit from training at higher altitude. (Source: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Egon Humpeler, AMS-Studien, Welltain®)

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