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Effectively regeneration with natural and gentle methods!

Physical problems such as backache or headache often appear insidiously and get doctored by to strong medicine or even not at all.

There are many natural, gentle and highly effective alternatives! Our team, consisting of competent and very experienced therapists, creates a personal program with healthful therapy methods.

vitalTHERAPY treatments

Body detox

Treatments for detoxification and purification of the body. With targeted treatments, like for example an electrolysis footbath free radicals and pollutants can be neutralized and discharged.

Thalasso therapy

The metabolism will be encouraged by the vitamins and minerals from the sea salt and algae concentrate in terms of exfoliation, packs and brush massage and strengthen the body’s defenses and detoxify, clean and refresh body and mind.

Myoreflex therapy

Long existing pains in various regions of the body can be treated sustainably by targeted manual stimulations of the muscles. A efficient but also gentle treatment concept for a various pains in muscles, joints and bones.


Find out new vitality through gentle action on your nervous system and physical tensions. Individual treatments using high-quality, warm herbal oils will help you to bring more balance, energy and peace in your daily life.

Become one with your body, your mind and your soul. Our qualified Ayurveda-Team provides you your individual holistic Ayurveda program based on your personal constitution.

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