Your well-being is our goal

Together with our team of qualified, sensitive therapists and experienced trainers, we have given much thought to maximizing our guests’ relaxation as well as physical and spiritual regeneration during their stay at Burg Vital Resort.

I consider holidays to be the most precious time of all, and therefore every moment should be enriching the body, mind, and soul. In order to meet all our guests’ needs, we offer a large variety of daily changing activities, as well as massages, physiotherapy, and treatments, including Ayurveda and Far Eastern and Indian healing methods.

Thanks to regular training courses our team is always up to speed with the latest treatment methods.

At the start of your stay we will be happy to advise you and work out the perfect program to make sure your holiday at the Burg Vital Resort is a success.

Enjoy every minute of the next few days to the fullest - in our vitalSPA, out in the nature, in our hotel - during what we hope will be a most relaxing stay in Oberlech.

Best wishes
Karina Lucian

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"We work hard to operate the vitalSPA at the highest level in all areas and have been rewarded for our efforts with 16 points and two lilies in the Relax Guide 2020."

Licence for spa and wellness bliss:
not an easy path...

They are warm and almost soft to the touch. And that is despite the fact that they’re made from marble and stone: The warm loungers at the Tepidarium. Tepidus is Latin and means ‘lukewarm’. This is about as much as Mr. Lucian senior knew about this kind of sauna 25 years ago. What he also knew was: It’s really healthy. ‘My husband Thomas’ father built Austria’s first Tepidarium, here in our house in Oberlech. That was a real sensation back then, believe me.’, Hannelore Lucian tells us. ‘He had his knowledge from many old books that he’d all read. What’s behind all this, what are the effects of a Tepidarium? He was quite fascinated. He met up with craftsmen and scientists and completely immersed himself in this world. And finally he built it’.

A change of direction that changed much

Wellness & Spa – back then hardly anyone knew what that meant. But Hannelore and Thomas Lucian did. Doing yourself some good and enjoying it – that was the vision the two hosts had for their guests at Burg Vital Resort. ‘We simply sensed we had to change the concept we had back then. Make it more natural, focus on health and authentic enjoyment’, the certified tourist expert and the sommelier remember. ‘Back then we were a small hotel, more like a bed & breakfast. So, of course, our possibilities were limited, also when it comes to space. But still – we had a room for cosmetic treatments and massages, a swimming pool and the Tepidarium. ‘The preconditions and the omens were right’, the mother of five laughs. For a change of direction that changed much. ‘Not everything, but quite a lot. What remained the same is the normalcy, the down-to earth character, the comfort. What also remained are our values and beliefs, our love for nature. We remained ourselves, that’s it’.

Being apart to get it together: the creation of the Vital-concept

What did change, however is this: The Vital-Concept with the three pillars – cooking, sport and therapy – was introduced. However, from the original idea to being able to put it into practise, quite a lot of hurdles needed to be overcome:

sole bath

‘Like the licence, for example’, Hannelore Lucian remembers. ‘We already had a small cosmetics and wellness area but the licence for that had only been borrowed because originally we were just a restaurant with a few beds’. But the restless perfectionist was hell-bent on taking up the reins herself. ‘I knew, there was so much more we could do, things that could be done better. But I didn’t know how’. What followed then was month-long studying and a journey that is still going on. Despite the fact that Hannelore Lucian had two little kids she went back to school at 30. To Graz, as an extraordinary pupil. ‘Between the seasons I learned everything about cosmetics, pedicure and massage and my husband came to visit me with the kids. That was really tough, I must admit. Being away from the family for so long and going back to school, starting from scratch. But: I did it, I even did the exam for the master licence. And that while I was heavily pregnant with our third child and a friend had to drive me to the exam while I was lying in the back of the car’, Mrs Lucian still has to laugh about this today.

Doing yourself good – without noticing

Wanting something at every price, not giving up, starting over and over – even if it’s just about a little thing: That’s what makes the entire family at Burg Vital Resort who they are. ‘Life is a gift – and everything else you have to work for’. The Lucians live, love and work in line with this motto. After the prerequisites for the Vital-Concept were set, things began to move. ‘But, we still needed to decide: Are we a hotel or a therapy centre? That question was really hard to answer. Because as soon as you speak the word ‘healthy’, you automatically think: But I’m not ill, am I? And no-one wants to be on holiday and be on a diet or cure! On holiday one wants to enjoy and not have to think of anything. Seeing as my husband, the sommelier, and I are people who enjoy the good things in life, we managed this balancing act: The Burg Vital Resort is a hotel for guests – for healthy guests. Which means: We show our guests that doing yourself and your health good can be done in passing. Gently directing guests in the right direction where you’re making the best of yourself and your body – in combination with enjoyment and happiness. At the beginning that wasn’t easy but today it’s a matter of course. And it’s exactly why our guests come here’.

Deliciously purist cooking

And, of course, they also come because of the culinary delights that await them in Oberlech at 1700 altitude metres. ‘Back when we changed our concept we found Thorsten Probost to be someone who cooks in a very purist fashion. Who took a good look at the foods and products from the region, their origins and their effects. Who understood how healthy food works and that less is more.

That went perfectly with our philosophy – and it still does today. vitalCOOKING is an indispensable cornerstone of our concept’.

Holidays: precious time for body, mind and soul

Together with their team of competent and sensitive therapists and experienced trainers, Hannelore Lucian has put a lot of thought into how the guests at Burg Vital Resort can get the most out of their stay in terms of relaxation and physical and mental recovery as possible. ‘The way I see it holiday is a precious time where every moment should be beneficial to one’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Which is why we try to address everybody’s needs with our diverse offer of daily changing activities like massages and treatments – Ayurveda, Thalasso and other healing methods from the Far East. With the help of regular training our team is always up to date when it comes to modern healing methods’.

Room for your wellbeing

Today you will find everything necessary for a conscious and fulfilling stay that benefits body, mind and soul at Burg Vital Resort’s 3800 sqm vitalSPA – with the areas vitalSOLE, Ayurveda, vitalTHERAPIE, vitalRELAX, vitalBEAUTY, vitalSPORT and the wonderfully private SPA Suite. ‘At the beginning of their stay we talk to our guests and plan the ideal programme for their perfect vacation at Burg Vital Resort. Every day is a gift. And we would like to make a small but hopefully meaningful contribution to it – in our own way’.

E-booklet vitalSPA

E-booklet vitalSPA

Arrive, immerse yourself and gain new energy.

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