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Would you like to improve your stamina, increase your flexibility or obtain an individually-tailored strength training schedule?

Our sports scientists and physiotherapists provide you with expert advice and support to establish your personal performance levels and to help you to improve them.

Please always wear gym shoes when you exercise!

vitalSPORT offers

Personal training

Bioimpedance analysis

Together we will analyze your eating habits and life situation, and we will use bioimpedance measurements to determine the ratio between muscle mass, body fat and body water. Overweight people are not the only ones who have too much body fat: people with normal weights frequently have the same problem, so a body analysis is extremely helpful for all further steps.

25 min. euro 55

Performance diagnostics using bio impedance analysis

In order to improve your stamina, it is important to define your own personal optimum training ranges.

After a comprehensive discussion about your current training condition and your objectives, you will undergo a step test with lactate measurement and a bio impedance analysis (body composition measurement). After the results have been thoroughly analyzed, you will be provided with an interpretation of your performance and your individual training and nutritional recommendations.

50 min. euro 175

Individual personal training

Tailor-made training unit with choice of the Kinesis wall or Galileo.

50 min. euro 99
50 min. euro 250 for 3 units

Personal yoga

Using special breathing techniques and specific muscle contractions, you will learn to sharpen your perception of the most important aspects of life. Your spine and joints will become more flexible, and the deep relaxation that is achieved through yoga will promote unity of body and mind. You will achieve greater powers of concentration and attain a state of perfect balance.

50 min. euro 93
50 min. euro 240 for 3 units


This sport has a long tradition – like hunting, archery has been used for many years in the Far East to improve concentration and assist meditation.

25 min. euro 55
50 min. euro 82

Indoor golf

This is perfect for passionate golfers with the highest standards. Twenty-one of the most beautiful and famous golf courses are waiting for you. Our indoor golf facility offers you optimal conditions to perfect your technique. You must be a licensed golfer!

60 min. euro 55

Relaxation programs


Gentle aquatic exercise is suitable for all age groups. Thanks to water's buoyancy, the strength and conditioning exercises are gentle on the joints, tendons and back, and they strengthen the muscles and improve the cardiovascular system. In addition, because water is highly resistant, some of the exercises are more strenuous than exercises outside water.

Spinal exercises

These exercises are an effective way to mobilize, strengthen and stretch your back muscles. They can reduce or even eliminate imbalances and complaints caused by our 'everyday postures'. Some of them use accessories such as Pezzi balls, small additional weights or Thera-Bands.


This stretches and mobilizes all large muscle groups. Regular stretching promotes the recovery of shortened muscles, reduces the risk of injury, rectifies muscular imbalances and has a positive effect on your general psychological condition.


Using comprehensive yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, the spine gains more flexibility and the muscles are stretched and activated. Internal organs and the nervous system are harmonized. This can create a completely new body feeling that moves you into the state of harmony for body and mind.

Fascia training with blackroll

Fascia training and regular exercises contribute to well-being, regeneration and performance. After the first Blackroll exercises, the muscles feel more relaxed.

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