We help your body to regenarate.

Some physical problems, such as back pains and headaches, generally develop gradually, and many people often treat them far too late.

With treatments specifically tailored to you and your needs, using gentle therapeutic methods, we help your body regenerate.

vitalTHERAPY treatments


As part of your individually tailored treatment, our physiotherapists will help you promote healing processes, soothe pain, increase your well-being and improve your perception of your body.

25 min. euro 70
50 min. euro 120

Kinesio taping

By using various elastic tape application techniques, it is possible to restore muscular balance, reduce blockages and posture problems and help joints function more effectively.

euro 20 in combination with physiotherapy

Repuls - light therapy

Pulsed high-intensity cold red light. - This particularly effective and tissue-defatting LED therapy is used in case of acute and chronic complaints in the area of the locomotor system.

euro 15 in combination with physiotherapy

Myoreflex therapy

Muscular complaints and painful areas of the body can be addressed and regulated using a special kind of pressure point stimulation. This can have a positive effect on problems throughout your body's entire locomotor system, which includes muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.

25 min. euro 70
50 min. euro 120

Classic functional massage

Our expert therapists will devise a massage that is individually tailored to you and your requirements. This individual treatment will have a soothing effect wherever you are experiencing pain.

25 min. euro 65
50 min. euro 105


By using large round cupping glasses, a vacuum is exerted on the skin, acting like a connective tissue massage and thus activating the circulation of blood and lymph.

euro 15 in combination with a massage

Foot reflex zone massage

To begin with, you will enjoy an aromatic foot wash, combined with a fragrant sea salt and oil scrub.

A treatment focused entirely on your feet can help to ease tension, reduce stress and activate lymph and blood flow. Much like acupressure, this treatment involves exerting pressure on specific points on the soles of your feet.

50 min. euro 105

Classic back- and foot reflex zone massage

Enjoy the mix of a foot- and back massage to reduce stress and loose tenseness.

50 min. euro 105

Manual lymphatic drainage

This calming and relaxing treatment helps the immune system and has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. Gentle, circular massage strokes promote lymph flow, helping to expel harmful residues from your tissues.

25 min. euro 65
50 min. euro 105

"ION" detox

A soothing foot bath detoxifies the body using an electro-physical method. Combined with a relaxing hand and arm massage and an invigorating scrub experience, "ION" detox has a channel effect, improves blood circulation and the material and information exchange in the connective tissue. Enjoy a synthesizing vitamin drink afterwards.

40 min. euro 60

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