Our qualified Yoga team from Kerala / India.

Yoga Instructor Jayakumar Ambikadevi Ramakrishnan Nair

He learned his professional yoga skills at the Veda Martial Arts Academy International in Kerala, India, where he specialised in Hatha yoga and meditation. This form of yoga is one of several different yoga paths that have developed over the centuries.

Yoga terms

Asanas - posture and exercises

These exercises are a gentle way to regenerate the body's flexibility and to deepen body consciousness. They loosen energy blockages, strengthen the internal organs, improve the body's blood circulation and activate inner healing powers. And they help you to achieve calm, mental tranquillity, relaxation and a feeling of inner freedom and peace.

Pranayama - breathing exercises

Conscious deep breathing improves your blood circulation and physical condition, and it is a prerequisite for an adequate metabolism. Pranayama helps you to revert to a natural way of breathing.

Shavasana - deep relaxation

This systematically relaxes body and mind, breaks down stress hormones and strengthens the immune system.

Dhyana - meditation

Meditation brings the mind to silence. This is followed by inner peace, relaxation, mental strength and balance.

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